We’re always open for submissions, I hope we can see interesting combinations of people come together and make some great bodies of work, we can work together to create a book and then distribute.

Current themes we have open in June 2020 :

Suburban, Oceanside, In The Woods & Industrial Landscapes & Cities/Urban & Roadside then Shopfronts will be Hardcopies

Black & White will be an E Book

Small Groups & Single Artists

Small groups and single artists will receive a single copy of a book per contributor, each book sold will bring US$5 to the creator(s) and US$7 to the publishers.

File Information:

Files to be submitted as a JPG format.

JPG – Long edge of 4000 Pixels Minimum at 330 ppi


If you’d like to submit over five images please get in touch with the editor. We can give you a feature chapter of 8-12 images for a fee

The covers are available if you’d like to submit 12 images relating to the theme for the book for $40 USD the front is available, $30 for the back or for $65 the front and back. Also feature chapters are available including a cover credit for $25 USD for some upcoming volumes. Please contact us for details.