We’re here to make photobooks. We’re alive in a time where centuries of injustice are coming home to roost. The complications are huge, completely damning this that or the other thing is not helpful. It’s all beyond party politics and is an issue of common decency. The way the world evolved in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has meant that so many of the problems of old empires have been revisited on generations quite removed. Ignoring world events and discourse is thoroughly irresponsible and we are moving past June 2020 with a philosphy of “Humanity”

What we do is capture the world in it’s beauty and in its injustice as well as its horror. Landscapes show the world we inherited, Portraits show what we are. There are many genres of photography which examine our world as it is. We now open our gates to various styles of photography which explore this, in ALL it’s colour. Where do these pictures take us? The name will evolve as will the mission :

Make pictures, share stories. Make the unheard heard.

Andrew Wurster 11th June 2020 2315pm Melbourne, Victoria. Australia.