Mary lives in Wellington, New Zealand, and rediscovered her childhood passion for photography of some 40 years prior, in 2013. Originally from the UK, she is a full time marine scientist and never tires of the wild and varied coastal landscapes that abound in New Zealand. She is constantly developing her craft and has learnt to see in several different ways and exploring different subject matter and techniques. She has been invited to participate in local photographic exhibitions ( June 2016 “100 Years of U.S. National Parks” curated by Simon Woolf, NZ Academy of Fine Arts;  August 2018 “Point of View” curated by James Gilberd Photospace Gallery) and has held one solo exhibition (October 2017 “Urban Art” curated by Neil Price, Green St Project).  More recently she has been challenging herself with judging local photographic competitions and studying for her Photographic Society honours. Participating in the Landscape Photobook Project has been a new source of inspiration and encouragement for Mary and she is now looking forward to taking it to the next level.