Hier gibt es nichts zu sehen. / There’s nothing to see here.


78 Pages / 45 Plates / 20x25cm

Paper ProLine Uncoated

I find it inspiring to focus on objects and situations to which I paid only scant attention in the past. Gazing away from what is usually regarded as essential and thereby bringing the shadow of the unconscious into the light of the consciousness. Perhaps we could pose the question: “What is the essence of the insignificant?” 

Whatever draws our attention says a lot about ourselves. The photographs in this book portray a reflection of a situation at a specific moment. A situation you may have overlooked. There’s nothing to see here. And yet, when looking at these photographs, your own inner image arises within you. Your attention guides your appreciation into the new surroundings. 

Surroundings of subtle beauty and of the drama of everyday contexts. With the addition of light, whose characterisation of surface, texture, line and colour offers a thought-provoking tension to typically mundane shapes or spaces. 

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