John Williams aka Murray Maffra.

As a teenager in Australia in the 1970s, I knew there was a style of photographic image that I would like to produce.
It proved elusive, not quite defined in my mind. After leaving school I didn’t carry on with much photography. Many years later I found that a name had been coined: New Topographics.

In 2011 while on holiday in Abu Dhabi, I purchased a Nikon half frame DSLR and put it in a cupboard were it stayed for a few years. I had seen some photographs of abandoned Soviet military establishments
and factories and was quite impressed. I decided to become an urbex photographer and retrieved the Nikon from its box. Living in Baku, Azerbaijan, as I was at the time, a multitude of post-Soviet industrial faclities where available to explore. Though not all were easily accessible due to a crazy paranoia regarding photography in the ex-Soviet state.
Jumping ahead and now living in The Netherlands, my interests have developed and expanded to include urban, industrial and landscape
among other genres. The cities of Belgium; Antwerp,
Brussels, Liège and the marvellous Charleroi are favourite locations for urban landscape and industrial wastelands. I have also been
out at night a lot recently with my new Nikon Z6 which performs beautifully in low light.

A form of photography that I have become enthuasiastic about is images captured by mobile phone from a moving car or train.
I find there is an atmospheric quality in these images that really grabs
me. I think it is that ‘new topographic’ feel that I never quite captured when I was a young photographer

Andy Small

September 16, 2020

Claire Hartley

September 16, 2020

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