Our first book published in January 2020. A survey of various styles of landscape photography, from Australia. Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, the USA and a few places in between. It was set up as a pre purchase and we sold a wonderful amount, it will be continually available via our blurb store, if you missed out on a preorder.


Contributors :

Jeker Alain, Darren Anthony, Ilya Arnaudov, Robert Ashby, Daniel Avard, Tom Brandon, Courtney Blash, Sebastian Boncy, Sonja Bowden, Reindina De Vries, Eva Dilcue, Ignazio Didia, Nicolini Fabio, Isa Gelb, Jim Hart, Max Hermit, Bernard Hinz, Paul Kilgour, John Kiloh, Michael Knaggs, David Kregenow, Mary Livingston, Chris Oaten, Anthony Oliver, Alan Oslund, Trevor Parker, Thieu Raman, David Redfearn, Derk Shoemaeker, Lloyd Spencer, Jack Toolin, John Williams aka Murray Maffra, Andrew Wurster

Complied, Edited & Designed by Andrew Wurster