Mary Livingston – Central Otago, New Zealand.

The beauty, the starkness, the loneliness and the silence completely enveloped me on my first encounter. I felt the call of this wild place and yearn to go back there again and again. I did not know it was famous and that many artists had already been inspired here. Not a soul was in sight for miles around. This cluster of buildings sits under the clear skies of the Maniototo in Central Otago New Zealand. My friend and I watched the light fade across the snow dusted hills until we could no longer discern the buildings from the land. Just a restless sigh of the wind through the grass carried bird calls. Who lived in this place?  Do I have the right to try and capture this country on camera? Who am I to even attempt it? But this place speaks the same language to me as the home I grew up in thousands of miles away. It carries a familiar tongue of secrets and stories for those who care to listen. I felt as if welcomed on familiar ground. Do I have the right? I think so. I hope that you the viewer can see what I felt.

Klaus Homann

January 18, 2020

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