Michael Nirenberg, Indiana, USA

Having grown up in the predictable white-bread suburbia of Toronto, Canada, I now find myself transplanted to the American Midwest—specifically, in the northwest corner of Indiana. The area is referred to as “The Region,” with a landscape of remnants of America’s long-gone glorious “Main Street” and thriving industrial past, it is now a terrain of “left behind” factories, businesses and even homes with spots of new development and scattered small businesses that open and close so often the local paper has a weekly column “Business Ins and Outs.” This terrain is enveloped by hard-working “salt of the earth” folk, many of whom—though struggling—are fiercely patriotic. When I walk around here, camera in hand, I am drawn to capture the antithesis of the pretty, picture-perfect suburbs where I grew up, the stories revealed in the dirt “under the hood,” the banal, the abandoned, the “Mom and Pop” businesses, and to documenting the resilient people who still believe in the American dream.  

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Jonathon Miller

December 26, 2020

Pierre Lemieux, Montreal, Canada.

December 26, 2020

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