Hamish Stewart

Available in paperback May 2020 and hard back June 2020 via www.blurb.com

Landscape Photo Books, Melbourne, Victoria. Australia. There’s  a dedicated facebook page for this book featuring the images. Copyright Landscape Photo Books. Over seventy colour images from Australia, France, Germany, Italy, The USA, Canada.

Prints available by enquiry at shop@landscapephotobooks.com

Contributors : Jeker Alain, Darren Anthony, Daniel A’Vard, Phillip Beutler, David Chemise, Chrissy Gensch, Stephane Goin, Bernhard Hinz, Klaus Homann, Hamish Jenkins, Ed Jenkins, Jo Kalinowski, Rafal Krol, Steven Laurie, Mary Livingston, Maurice Lye, Francesca Mach, Jens Nommel, Stephen Oakshot, Anthony Oliver, Lloyd Spencer, Hamish Stewart, Matthew Venables, Mark Walton, Andrew Wurster & Tea Zanetti