Pierre Lemieux, Montreal, Canada.

My name is Pierre Lemieux, and I am a self-taught photographer from Montreal, Canada. I’ve been taking pictures sporadically through my life. In the last six years, I began walking to work, which brought me back to photography. Through its meditative aspect, walking promotes a state of receptivity that stimulates and sharpens my sense of observation.

I love to discover the beauty hidden in the mundane things of my immediate environment, whether in the city or in the countryside.I am still amazed to see how the streets I have walked many times can be renewed by the light, the change of seasons, or the fresh outlook I put on the   world around me.

 For all abandoned benches, chairs and armchairs at the back of the courtyards and at the edge of the sidewalk with a broken leg, sagging seat or torn fabric. Will they survive another winter, buried in the snow or go with the next garbage truck? 

The lucky ones will have the right to a second life on the front balcony or in the alleyway watching the children play and the neighbours chatting on a beautiful summer evening.

Michael Nirenberg, Indiana, USA

January 1, 2021

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