Stefan Kerl

In my own words:

Photography enthusiast Stefan Kerl lives with his family in the Landshut Region in South Bavaria / Germany.

My pictures are the result of an extensive attempt to find beauty in banality and to document his environment.To achieve this goal, I use a variety of cameras, but most of his pictures are made with analog film. I am self-taught photographer who started in 2010 with buying himself a used Olympus e410 for a 3 week trip to Japan.

From this time on, I was hooked with photography. He started with trying out HDR, Landscape photos, longtime exposures and Portraits.Nevertheless, he was always eager to find something „different“, until he discovered the book „The Nature of Photographs“ by Stephen Shore in 2016.

Inspired by this reading, I investigated more about Stephen Shore and found my photographic home in the works of Adams, Shore, Baltz, Struth and Eggleston. Since then, it is my aim to emulate the founders of the “New Topographic Movement.”

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