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A profile of varied styles of landscape photography in the 21st Century from Asia, Oceania, North and South America, Europe and the British Isles. Introduction by Phillippa Baker. Edited, Designed & Curated by Andrew Wurster.

Darren Anthony, Xavier Aaragones, Robert Ashby, Dan A'Vard, Courtney Blash, Phillip Beutler, Tom Brandon, Ignazio Di Dia, Isa Gelb, Stephane Goin, Ed Jenkins, Gary Alan Jones, Paul Kilgour, John Kiloh, Stefan Klamt, Mary Livingston, Hiroyuki Matumura, Wojtek Mszcya, Fabio Nicolini, Chris Oaten, Anthony Oliver, Alan Oslund, Trevor Parker, Suzanne Phoenix, David Refearn, Thieu Riemen, Michiel Schierbeek, Albrecht Schlotter, Gary Sauer Thompson, Jack Toolin & Andrew Wurster

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