Sven Vandeborne –               “My Landscapes”

Sven Vandeborne – “My Landscapes”

Vandeborne Sven, Born in Belgium, July 1971.

When I am out taking photos, I try to avoid the grand classical landscapes for a more realistic attention to the banal, sometimes industrial landscapes or details, mall culture, recreation culture, urbanisation and appreciation of the overlooked detail.
My work has an equal influence in Shore, the Bechers, Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz and Harry Gruyaert. The pictures I take have a large reference to the “formal traditions” of the new topographics but I am still in search on inserting my own hand on the genre.
A big guide to me, on how I frame a picture, is how my eye travels through our surroundings. The eye is my biggest tool since I am an autodidact.
When I picked up photography five years ago, I decided to go out every day and take at least 10 shots to train my eye. In order to get feedback and learn from others I decided to create the
Facebook group “The New Topographic Movement”. This went like a rocket and started to consume to much of my time and left the group in the good care of others, but I remain an active member.
Online feedback is a good tool to learn and get inspiration.

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Stefan Kerl

May 12, 2020

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May 12, 2020

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