Coming September 2020

Winter is my favourite season, I’ve lived in the three countries, on both sides of the Equator and no matter what I’ve loved it. From the months of sub zero temperatures in Michigan to the sub tropical dampness in Georgia to the grey, damp coolness of Melbourne and then to the variation from all of those places of Auckland in New Zealand. I think that the earth has under gone a remarkable amount of chance since I was a child and to many places Winter is quite unrecognisable, or at least unpredictably different. The darkness and lack of light can be a bit of a challenge for photographers. Capturing the variations in winter has been interesting in the sourcing element of this project. I’m sure, like our other books with specific ideas, it will be interesting to revisit this one in coming years. We’re featuring work by Isa Gelb who resides in the Jura Mountains in France.

Andrew Wurster May 2020